Sunday, February 15, 2009

Intel Class

This class feels useful.   As exhausting as 3 hour long classes after work make me, I feel like I leave the class having learned and accomplished something.   

I admit many times I have wondered why I became a teacher.  It has always seemed to me that when I plan lessons there are holes in the activities.   Making the connection between writing objectives and achieving those objectives has been challenging...sometimes whether or not students have actually learned what I wanted them to learn has been vague.  I had never learned about Essential Questions, but using them sounded like one way to address this personal challenge.  This past week really helped me with this.  Learning what Essential Questions are, the difference between EQ, UQ and CFQ helped me immensely.  I feel I understood and could begin using them as I plan units from this point on. 

Writing this unit one piece at a time gives me a chance to think through each step of the process, enough time to get what I want out of the process.  It also gives me an opportunity to learn new technology tools and how to use them in class.  Our students are rapidly surpassing us in their knowledge of technology.  I want to keep up.  I also want to find ways to engage them.  I think the Intel course helps.  The blogging is an example of how I can use a online tool the students are probably already familiar with to pull them in and get them writing about dance experiences or other topics related to dance class.

I look forward to seeing progress in my understanding of technology and teaching as a whole as the course moves forward.


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  1. Mandy, I just wanted to tell you that I like the way you set up your blog page and thanks for putting a face to a name. I actually missed the class that covered Essential Questions and I feel like I missed so much. I completly agree with what you had to share about planning a unit.
    Rhonda Tuten
    p.s. My daughter and I bottled fed 3 rescued kittens this summer who are now 7 months old.