Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blogging My Journey - Blogging: A Student Sample

The module helps me focus on the details of my unit. It helps me think about the assignments I give the students and work through any holes I see in my instructions. It gives me the opportunity to check to see that all of the objectives I set for the assignment are actually being met by the assignment.

I can use the Internet-specifically blogging- to support my teaching and students' learning. They already journal, this will give them a different spin on it and have something meaningful and not mundane to do with information they have found during research. They will provide and receive immediate feedback from not only their teacher but their peers as well. I believe this makes the information they find and their ideas validated and more important to them.

I can ensure responsible and appropriate use of the Internet by reviewing the proper procedures with my students before they embark on the assignment. I can monitor them as they do this if it is done in class.

Right now the student project I am planning will be a blog. Prior to the blog assignment they will have done research on a specific social problem they think is particularly relevant to high school students. They will learn and record 10 facts on this social problem (such as teen drug abuse). They will post their findings and thoughts on their findings in a blog. Students will respond to each others' blogs and answer the question, Why is it important to educate the public on (this)social problem(s). Each student will write a blog and respond to 3 other students' blogs. I will create a rubric to assess the depth of thought and personal connection to the issues as well as their research and communication skills.

That's the plan.

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